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Pictured Left to right: Officer Carlos Pimentel, Officer Nick Frommelt, Sergeant Todd Johnson, Chief Dave Clark, Officer Brian Meyer, Corporal Schaun Juchter and Officer Chase Kraklio

The Wilton Police Department provides services to the Wilton area. If you would like to contact the Wilton Police Department you can by calling (563) 732-2311, if the matter is an emergency please dial 911

The Wilton Police Department is located inside City Hall: 104 East 4th Street, Wilton, IA


About Us:

The Wilton Police department is comprised of a Police Chief and six Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) certified police officers. Several of our officers bring extensive experience from other larger area agencies as well as the military, and other highly specialized areas of training. Our officers continue to train and grow regularly in various areas specific to law enforcement, with an emphasis on mental health, de-escalation techniques, and tactical response.


We maintain modern and well-equipped patrol vehicles and utilize all available resources while working as a unit in crime scene investigations, and critical incident management.


In cooperation with the Wilton School district, the Wilton Police Department employs a full time Certified School Resource Officer (SRO) to be in the school building while school is in session and for other significant school events. Wilton officers regularly spend time in and around the school and patrolling high school events, our focus is on establishing and maintaining connections with area youth to promote positive relationships. 

The Chief of Police, SRO and school administrators regularly share information and discuss issues of mutual concern.


Community Oriented Policing:

The Wilton Police Department believes in collaborative efforts and partnerships with all area law enforcement agencies, fire departments, EMS services, Emergency Management, mental health advocacy programs and the residents of our community.  

Our primary focus will always be to guard life, property, and your constitutional rights while pursuing justice with compassion and respect for all our citizens. It’s through these collaborative efforts that we can better find permanent solutions to problems and issues in our community rather than merely providing a short-term law-enforcement response, and better ensure a safe and secure community. 


Vision & Core Values

The Wilton Police Department strives to be trusted and respected by the entirety of our citizens, while we proactively and cooperatively serve our community by providing exceptional police services that help enable the safety, security, and well-being of all citizens.


Integrity – We conduct ourselves with uncompromised honesty, honor, and ethics.


Human Dignity – We acknowledge and recognize the value, worth, and rights of all our citizens. 


Justice – We serve our community in an unbiased and impartial manner, applying equal protection to all under the law.


Professionalism – We are accountable to ourselves and the public for the quality of our service, and we seek to continually improve ourselves, our department, and our community relationships.


Leadership – We entrust and demand our members to lead ethically and responsibly within the department itself and in the community we serve.



Police Officer Brian Meyer sworn in
Brian Meyer



Police Officer Brian Meyer was sworn into office on Monday September 25th. He comes to The City of Wilton with 25 years of service. We look forward to having him serve our community. 

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