Citizen Convenience Center

Hours of Operation: (Please stop and see the attendant at the gate)

Summer Hours
March 1st – November 1st
Monday 10AM-3PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 1-6PM
Friday 10AM-3PM
Saturday 9AM-1PM


Winter Hours
November 1st – March 1st
Monday 10AM-3PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday Noon-4PM
Friday 10AM-3PM
Saturday 9AM-1PM

Items Accepted:
Yard Waste- Grass, leaves, and plants/shrubs 
Tree Branches
Scrap Metal/steel

Items Accepted for a fee:

Solid Waste- Regular household garbage $2 per bag (30 gal or less & weigh less than 50lbs)

                    Contractor size garbage bags over 30 gallons $4.00 per bag

Electronic Devices-radios/stereos, copiers, computers, monitors: $5.00 Add $5 for curbside pickup per item

TV's: CRT TV (tube TV) $25 Flat Screen TV $15  Add $5 for curbside pickup per item

Furniture/matress/carpet: $5 per item (Note: carpet for 12 X 12 room equals one item) Add $5 per item for curbside pickup

Sinks/bath tubs/toilet: $10 per item Add $5 per item for curbside pickup

Tires: Car $6.00, on rim $8.00; Truck $16.00, on rim $18.00  Add $5 per item for curbside pickup

Appliances: $15.00 per appliance Add $5 per item for curbside pickup
(Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, furnaces, dehumidifiers, microwaves, washers, dryers, air conditioners, dishwashers, water heaters & softeners)

Items Not Accepted:
Building Products- Wood/lumber, shingles, siding, windows, insulation, dry wall
Chemicals and fertilizers
Hazardous Waste- Medical waste

Recyclables Accepted at Convenience Center:
Plastic bottles & jugs: remove caps, lids or rings, rinse out with water
Plastic #1 to #7 with recycle symbol
All Paper
Cardboard: flatten cartons or use a large box to hold cardboard 
Scrap Metal/steel
Tin Cans/Aluminum

Accepted at the CURB: 

Cardboard ONLY

Recyclables Not Accepted: Glass , Styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic with a slick coating (butter dishes/cool whip), plastic pill bottles, plastic take out food containers, packaging peanuts, cardboard milk/juice cartons, glass windows, batteries, motor oil containers, light bulbs, or electrical cords.