2019 Work Plan

  • Commission Meetings: Schedule and conduct at least three meetings with a quorum of members in attendance. Report of all activities to Wilton City Council at their public meetings after each meeting.
  • Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP): Identify at least one new
    property/site/neighborhood in Wilton with potential for listing on the NRHP and start the process to get it listed. Support the Muscatine County Historic Preservation Commission in efforts to list the country schools, churches and cemeteries in the city of Wilton, Wilton Township and Moscow Township on the NRHP.
  • Commission Training: Obtain related training with at least one member. Training will be shared with other members who do not attend.
  • Public Awareness and Historic Education: Give periodic reports to Wilton City Council on progress and additional reports as needed for special projects.  Add Wilton Certified Local Government Commission and their activities to the WiltonIowa.org website.  Work with Muscatine County Historic Preservation Commission and add Wilton’s historic activities to their website.  Work with building owners who rehabilitated their historic building in Wilton Historic Commercial District through the CDBG Grant, to tell the story of their buildings through displays/exhibits/brochures.